i need love

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fak me

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fak me

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every once in a while
we meet someone
with a special name
like the name of a colour
as simple as red
and you begin to see
the world that way
with all the reds accentuated
but then
if you can imagine
all the shades of red
suddenly shut off
as a few simple words
slip off their lower lips
the shock is real
isn’t that how it feels
the last time you saw blue
and now we don’t know how
we ever lived this way
trying to find our fix
getting drugged up
show me the colours
but they never stick
because the colours are fake
dug up from memories
and memories are not real
not with us in the present

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story of our lives

read all these books but can’t find the answer tiny tragedies

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SKT vs. KT Proleague Finals Teaser

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"There’s a saying that says “if you fall in love with a writer, you can never die”, but no one stops to consider the writer that falls in love with you - how they die with every black ink smudge that runs across their pages of poetry and prose, all about how deeply they love you and how sorrowful they are that they could never be a sufficient amount of passive or aggressive to please you. No one has stopped to consider that ink pens are not the only things that have stained their clothes crimson, or that the words they write - describing you so beautifully and fluently are only attractive in the eyes of the reader and never the writer. Those words hold hours of silence and bitterness for the night you left them all alone to cry and write away everything they felt, but it will never go away. Those feelings never go away. They sit and they simmer and they combine into the deepest colour of black that has ever been seen and they melt away everything that once was water coloured in oranges and yellows. You are lucky to live endless lives in the pages of a writer, though the writer has died many times just to place you there."

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