i need love

The rain came down all at once. I don’t know when the seasons changed but none of them are the same. It is so different now that I wouldn’t even call this Autumn anymore. Even the yellow and orange leaves that litter the ground don’t stay the same. After the downpour the wind picks up. Literally, the wind picks them all up and tosses them back on to their branches. Some of them stay perched on the branches but the rest of them swoop down and level off before landing gently like a flock of birds. Shortly after they take off again, all together and in one direction. They make a sharp turn, all together, swoop again and land on the ground. It’s hard to keep up with them but I manage to catch up just before they take off again. This time they suddenly leap skyward and my eyes and head follow. The breath that I was running out of leaps out with them and I choke a little so I stop to take it back. With my hands on my knees and my head tucked in, I spot them flying a few feet away from beyond the ground and I start chasing them that way too. I’m running and running to where the sky opens up and as I step over the edge I lose control. For a moment I feel like I’m falling into the sky and my mind goes reverse. I’m flying against the wind up towards the ground ever so briefly until I hit land hard in a splash. If you see it then you’ll understand.

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fak me

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fak me

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every once in a while
we meet someone
with a special name
like the name of a colour
as simple as red
and you begin to see
the world that way
with all the reds accentuated
but then
if you can imagine
all the shades of red
suddenly shut off
as a few simple words
slip off their lower lips
the shock is real
isn’t that how it feels
the last time you saw blue
and now we don’t know how
we ever lived this way
trying to find our fix
getting drugged up
show me the colours
but they never stick
because the colours are fake
dug up from memories
and memories are not real
not with us in the present